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Does this fit your needs? Scan[ SetOptions[#, CellGroupingRules -> None] &, Cells[] ]


You can use CellEventActions by adding it to the Stylesheet or hard-coding it for each cell. Here is a cell that changes when clicked. DynamicModule[{bgd = LightRed}, CellPrint[ TextCell["Click within this cell", "Output", Background -> Dynamic[bgd], CellEventActions -> {"MouseClicked" :> (bgd = LightGreen)} ...


Ok so I fixed it: Cell[StyleData[StyleDefinitions -> "Default.nb"], CellMargins->{{21, 3}, {4, 4}}] Cell[StyleData[All], ShowGroupOpener->False, FontFamily->"Avenir"] Cell[StyleData["Title"], CellMargins->{{10, 3}, {4, 4}}, FontColor-> RGBColor[0,0.0,0.6], CellGroupingRules->{"SectionGrouping", 9}] Cell[StyleData["Section"], ...


This is not a full response, but I have some info that might be helpful. The subsection issue is caused by the Stylesheet entry for Subsubsection, changing it to the default of 50 should fix it, or anything >40. Cell[ StyleData["Subsubsection"], CellGroupingRules -> {"SectionGrouping", 50} ] The issue is that the default for SectionGrouping ...


You're not using CellGroupingRules correctly. It groups by the number you provide it. Change 1001. to 10000. and it works.

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