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DynamicEvaluationTimeout and Style may be used to locally set the dynamic timeout bound: DynamicModule[{a = "start"}, Style[{ Button["does time out", Pause[6]; a = "end"], Dynamic[a]}, DynamicEvaluationTimeout -> 10]]


I figure out another way that allows you to compose the display graphics objects. This feature will probably satisfy some different requirement. If you want to control the display of a molecule, this answer could help. The idea is similar to the discussion above. Manipulate[ Column[{ Graphics3D[ MapThread[ If[ FreeQ[u, #2[[1]]], ...


Edit In my opinion, what is asked for is more easily done when the button graphics and the model graphics are kept in separate lists. Manipulate[ Column[{ Graphics3D[ MapIndexed[ If[FreeQ[u, models[[#2[[1]]]]], Button[#[[1]], AppendTo[u, models[[#2[[1]]]]]], Button[#[[1]], u = DeleteCases[u, models[[#2[[1]]]]]]] ...

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