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I believe this is the documentation you are looking for: String Representation of Boxes Notably: And:


These are Operator Input Forms Characters that are not letters, letter‐like forms, or structural elements are treated by the Wolfram Language as operators. The Wolfram Language has built‐in rules for interpreting all operators. The functions to which these operators correspond may or may not, however, have built‐in evaluation or other rules. ... ...


The following functions will load the expressions and erroneous cells from a notebook: notebookExpressions[path_, pattern_:_] := Cases[Import[path, "Notebook"] // First , c:Cell[_, "Input"|"Output"|"Print", ___] :> Module[{v = eval[c]}, v /; MatchQ[v, _$Failed | Hold[pattern]]] , Infinity ] eval[cell_] := Quiet @ Check[ ...

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