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I have a couple of ideas that might be improvements over what you are doing but they are neither fully realized nor tested. Consider this answer a work in progress. Matrix operations The first is to operate on the truth table itself with matrix operations. Probably this will be faster in some cases and slower in others than what you are doing now. I do ...


n = 4; It is generally best to avoid subscripts except in output display. Format[x[k_]] := Subscript[x, k] (expr = And @@ Table[x[i].x[i] == 1, {i, n}]) // TraditionalForm


First I will define function that produces the output you want given a Boolean function. boolStuff[f_Function] := (Clear[x, y]; Column[{ TableForm[BooleanTable[{x, y, f[x, y]}, {x, y}], TableHeadings -> {None, {x, y, f[x, y]}}], BooleanConvert[f[x, y], NOR], BooleanMinimize[f[x, y]]}]) then boolStuff[Function[{x, y}, ...

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