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You can't do this. If correct behaviour is f[{{1,2},{3,4}}] -> {f[{1,2}],f[{3,4}]} then what is correct behaviour for f[{1,2}] ??? Clearly the second expression has no idea that it came from a previous application of f unless you find some way to tell it. Map is the simple and correct way of achieving what you want; I don't believe that it is ...


Your basic requirement is met with: safeExport[file_String, args___] := If[ ! FileExistsQ[file] || ChoiceDialog["File already exists. Overwrite?"], Export[file, args], $Failed ] What you describe as "attributes" (e.g. PlotRange -> All) are known as Options or named optional arguments. (See Attributes for a description of what that ...

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