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You should use the SPICE toolkit (in C), which you can access from Mathematica with LibraryLink. The toolkit routines will handle all of the kernel access and coordinate transformations for you transparently and fast. In my opinion it would be both a waste of time and highly error prone to try to duplicate their functionality. Not to mention slower. The ...


Finding zeroes of the function Apply[ArcTan, o1[t] - o[t]] - Apply[ArcTan, o2[t] - o[t]] does not work well, because ArcTan changes discontinuously from -Pi to Pi, creating numerous spurious roots. For instance, with {a1 = 2, a2 = 13/10, a3 = 16/10, b1 = 3, b2 = 21/10, b3 = 26/10}; Plot[Apply[ArcTan, o1[t] - o[t]] - Apply[ArcTan, o2[t] - o[t]], {t, 0, ...

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