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I feel like I should be prefacing this answer with three confessions, considering that this is an arithmetic question. First, I had a hard time with the multiplication tables until I was nine years old. Second, even after I finally got the hang of multiplication, I was never a fan of multiplying from right-to-left; I preferred going left-to-right. Finally, I ...


The following is too long for a comment and rather describes a strategy of searching for answers than giving an answer. It is certainly not a direct response to the question in favor of the question. But it is also not a marketing response in favor of Wolfram Alpha. Anyway, next http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/ and the Internet, I recommend the ...


You can enter a number in an arbitrary base using base^^digits: alpha = 2^^0.10101; BaseForm[alpha, 2] BaseForm[alpha^2, 2]


You can input numbers in any base up to 36 using the notation base^^digits. Digits over 9 are represented using a, b, c, ... You can print numbers in any base up to 36 using BaseForm. Thus, In[1]:= a=2^^0.10101 Out[1]= 0.65625 In[2]:= BaseForm[a^2,2] Out[2]//BaseForm= Subscript[0.0110111001, 2] Note that the internal representation of numbers doesn't ...

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