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An extended comment. I'm not sure if this has been realized, please correct me if it has. The result of the Divide[a,b] operation is not the same as the first 3 which are identical. {a, b} = List @@ RandomReal[{-50, 50}, {2, 1*^7}]; x1 = a/b; x2 = a b^-1; x3 = a/b; x4 = Divide[a, b]; Now... Tally[x1 - x2] Tally[x2 - x3] Both give 10^7 zeros. ...


There is no possible known method to add subtract multiply or divide, using a microprocessor, with equal efficiency. If you look at the various hardware implementations of ALU implementations you will see radically different designs for each function that all have pros and cons. It's an open question in computer science that will make you a very rich person ...

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