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yes, it will work anyway. Mathematica will practically always give you exact results when working with rational numbers. Consider this identity: In[1]:= 10000! == 9999!*10000 Out[1]= True 10000! is 35660 digits long - no problem for Mathematica.


not an answer, just a cool animation: Looping over the initial seed values from 0-1


I have figured out why you are getting the structure you are getting. The reason has to do with your initial choice of the angle, which you set at $0$ in the Nest[] statement. The actual image is generated by choosing the mean result of iterating the map for many initial values chosen uniformly at random in $[0,1]$. With $n = 50$ iterations and $m = 20$ ...


This question looks as a duplicate of these questions: How to create internally optimized expression for computing with high WorkingPrecision? How to work with Experimental`NumericalFunction? An internally optimized version of the original function can be created as follows: n = 500; f = Experimental`CreateNumericalFunction[{a, b}, Unevaluated[Nest[# ...

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