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Given a pretty long expression, such as

a={-11 ψ^2 λ[1]+6 ψ λ[2],35 ψ^2 λ[2],11 ψ^2 λ[1]^2-11 ψ^2 λ[2]-6 ψ λ[1] λ[2],ψ^2 λ[1]^2-ψ^2 λ[2]-ψ λ[1] λ[2]+λ[2]^2,-λ[1]^3+2 λ[1] λ[2],-3 ψ λ[1]^3+6 ψ λ[1] λ[2]+λ[1]^2 λ[2]-λ[2]^2,-ψ λ[1]^3+λ[1]^4+2 ψ λ[1] λ[2]-3 λ[1]^2 λ[2]+λ[2]^2}

a >> tmp would output the expression of a to an external file tmp. But I don't like the format in this output. It breaks lines, and contains extra spaces between operators of "+-*/".

In fact, in Mathematica, selecting an expression, we could do (right click) > Copy as > Plain Text, and then we could paste it to any external text editor without any problem.

Is it possible to specify the output stream using this "Plain Text" format above?

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Export["test.txt", {a}] 

works for me

"Plaintext" is already the default output form of Export. The { } around a prevents Export from seeing it as a series of arguments (a is a list in your example) that each have to be put on its own line.

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Perhaps you could use Export instead of Put?

out = StringReplace[ToString[InputForm[a]], {" " | "\n" -> ""}]
Export["out.txt", out]
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Try using Export and Import.

Make sure to include "Data" as the second argument of Import.

Export["myfile.txt", a]
in = Import["myfile.txt", "Data"]


If you really want to see the Greek letters spelled out you can then use


but this will also return List[] instead of {}.

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You can stay with Put using the method I showed here for PutAppend:

SetOptions[OpenWrite, PageWidth -> Infinity];
a >> tmp

This method is especially useful in the case of PutAppend because it allows you to maintain a running log file with results of intermediate computations with one expression per line.

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