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I have a complicated function which contains many calls to NIntegrate, NSolve, FindRoot and other superfunctions in many places. My function is organized in such a way that every call to a superfunction is assigned to unique Blocked variable. Sometimes these functions produce Messages but it is not obvious which call has generated the message. I wish to find a straighforward way to know which call has generated the message. It would be great to include this information in the Message itself but just printing this information before/after the Message would be sufficient.

I know that there is undocumented function Internal`HandlerBlock which seemingly can do such tasks but I do not know how to restrict it to handle only printed messages.

For example,

  If[MatchQ[#, Hold[_, True]], Print[#]] &}, 
 NIntegrate[Cos[20000 x]/Sqrt[x], {x, 0, 1}]]

Produces many prints but only one of them corresponds to the actually printed one Message.

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See the answers to this question, especially rcollyer's and Mr.Wizard's. You might be able to add a hook to the printed message to also display the function name – R. M. Aug 28 '12 at 19:38
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Following R.M's suggestion, and shamelessly lifting code from the Wizard’s fine answer there, you can use Stack[] and get the following:

SetAttributes[withTaggedMsg, HoldAll]
withTaggedMsg[] := 
  Internal`InheritedBlock[{MessagePacket}, Unprotect[MessagePacket];
   MessagePacket[name__, BoxData[obj_, form_]] /; ! TrueQ[$tagMsg] := 
        Block[{$tagMsg = True}, 
           Style[Row[{"With stack", Stack[][[3 ;;]], Spacer[5]}, " "],
             Black], obj}], form]]];
   #], HoldAll]

screen capture

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Ah, I even upvoted Mr.Wizard's solution but completely forgot it! Thank you for pointing out. – Alexey Popkov Aug 29 '12 at 2:30

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