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Can I insert a button in an image at specified location? I have tried but it shows Button is not a graphic function.

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Lets get an image:

img = ExampleData[{"TestImage", "Lena"}];

Overlay is pretty easy to use for location specification. In the case below I used scaled coordinates:

Overlay[{img, Button[Style["Image Histogram", Blue, Italic, 34], 
   CreateDialog[ImageHistogram[img]]]}, All, 2, Alignment -> {.7, -.8}]

enter image description here

Here is a simple line to understand better how to place the button in different locations:

Overlay[{img, Button[Style["Image Histogram", Blue, Italic, 8], 
     CreateDialog[ImageHistogram[img]]]}, All, 2, Alignment -> #] & /@Tuples[{.7,-.7}, 2]

enter image description here

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You can use an inset:

   RandomImage[CauchyDistribution[0, .2], {100, 100}, 
    ColorSpace -> "RGB"], Center], 
  Inset[Button["Click Here", Print[10!]], {Center, -0.5}]}, 
 Frame -> True]
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or maybe you don't want to put it on the image, but somewhere near it use this :

{Button["Transform", CreateDialog[ImageHistogram[img]]], Show[

Which works exactly the same but looks a little different.

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