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I'm trying to import a text file with UCS-2 Little Endian codification but I can't read it correctly. There's any hidden option to read this files ??

I'd tried with Import (using ByteOrdering option) and ReadList.

And example file can be find here

Thanks !!

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I suspect that you want the result of using CharacterEncoding -> "Unicode":

Import["msscript.scp", "Text", CharacterEncoding -> "Unicode"]

and possibly also replacing the carriage return / newline pair with newline:

 Import["msscript.scp", "Text", CharacterEncoding -> "Unicode"],
 "\r\n" -> "\n"
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In fact, as I'm interested in the lines to analyze the content, for my works better this: StringReplace[#, "\r" -> ""] & /@ Import["msscript.scp", {"Text", "Lines"}, CharacterEncoding -> "Unicode"]; – SMiranda Aug 9 '12 at 13:09
@SMiranda okay, I'm glad this helped. For what it's worth StringReplace can operate on a list of strings so the output from this should be the same as what you wrote: StringReplace[ Import["msscript.scp", {"Text", "Lines"}, CharacterEncoding -> "Unicode"], "\r" -> "" ] – Mr.Wizard Aug 9 '12 at 13:14

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