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Is it possible to display "name" in the tooltip? It won't chart the full dataset, so I can't make a custom labeling function that takes it in.

data3 = {{"acerbic",3,5,1.3*10^6},

labelingfunc[v : {x_, y_, w_}, i_, ___] := 
 Placed[Grid[{{"Name"}, {"Usability ", x}, {"Relevancy", 
     y}, {"Market Size", w}}, Frame -> All, Alignment -> Left], 

BubbleChart[data3[[All, 2 ;; 4]], ChartStyle -> 24, 
 LabelingFunction -> labelingfunc]

bubble chart

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Glad I could help, and thanks for the edit. Don't be too quick to Accept an answer: if you wait a few hours first you may get additional useful or outright better answers. – Mr.Wizard Jul 28 '12 at 15:50
Thanks for the note! Will do. – Mr. Demetrius Michael Jul 28 '12 at 15:54
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Actually, as we can use Tooltip on elements directly this is a cleaner method:

label =
      {"Name", #},
      {"Usability ", #2},
      {"Relevancy", #3},
      {"Market Size", #4}
      }, Frame -> All, Alignment -> Left
  ]] &;

 label @@@ data3,
 ChartStyle -> 24

How about this?

labelingfunc[{x_, y_, w_}, {_, j_}, ___] :=
    {"Name", data3[[j, 1]]},
    {"Usability ", x},
    {"Relevancy", y},
    {"Market Size", w}
   }, Frame -> All, Alignment -> Left
 ], Tooltip]

BubbleChart[data3[[All, 2 ;; 4]],
  ChartStyle -> 24, 
  LabelingFunction -> labelingfunc ]
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