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Suppose that I use Grid to display a table tab. I did the following, which frames all cells:

tab = {{"a", "b"}, {"1", SpanFromLeft}, {"2", SpanFromLeft}, {"3", SpanFromLeft}};
Grid[tab, Frame -> All]

and gives this output:


But, how do I programatically generate a table in which only the header cells are framed?


(I created the above by erasing cell dividers manually, using Paint, but for larger tables, I would like to do this programatically.) Thanks.

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You can explicitly frame only those elements and not frame the rest. For example:

Grid[tab, Frame -> {None, None, {{1, 1} -> True, {1, 2} -> True}}]

enter image description here

To extend this to grids with $n$ columns in the header, you could replace the last element of the RHS of the Frame option with

Table[{1, i} -> True, {i, n}]

where n is an integer.

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A slight variation:

Grid[MapAt[Item[#, Frame -> True] &, tab, {{1, 1}, {1, 2}}]]
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A slight variation of a slight variation:

frRow = Item[#, Frame -> 1] & /@ # &;

MapAt[frRow, tab, 1] // Grid

Mathematica graphics

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