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When I convert a Mathematica notebook containing following cells with "itemize" format to a latex file enter image description here

these cells become raw text format like this:

probability densities

expectations and covariances

def: covariance of x and y

Bayesian probabilities

frequentist view and Bayesian view

posterior $\propto $ likelihood $\times $ prior

One advantage of the Bayesian viewpoint is that the \pmb{ inclusion of prior knowledge} arises naturally, so the conclusion would be less extreme

Gaussian distribution

maximum likelihood approach

to determine parameters $\mu $ and $\sigma $, we define a likelihood function to be the probability of drawing the data set given a set of specific
$\mu $ and $\sigma $, and then decide parameters to maximize this function.

one problem: underestimate $\sigma $

curve fitting revisited

How could I preserve all itemize formats in this case?


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