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TINV() returns the t-value of the Student's t-distribution as a function of the probability and the degrees of freedom. For example TINV(0.475,42) = 0.720842172. (source)

What is the Mathematica equivalent for the Excel function tinv()?

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Technically, there is no exact Mathematica equivalent (at least for TINV in older versions of Excel--it may have been improved in the latest version): TINV is flawed and produces ever more erroneous results as the first argument approaches 0 or 1 :-). – whuber Jun 7 '12 at 18:36
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Either of InverseCDF[StudentTDistribution[42], 1 - 0.475/2] or InverseSurvivalFunction[StudentTDistribution[42], 0.475/2] should do the trick, taking into account that you're using the form for two-tailed tests.

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Quantile[StudentTDistribution[42], 1 - 0.475/2] also works.

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