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Is there a way to convert compound units to string? For example, I have "Newtons"/"Meters"^2, how to I convert it to "N/m^2"? I know If I do the following

QuantityForm[QuantityUnit[Quantity[1, "Newtons"/ "Meters"^2]], "Abbreviation"]

It will give me "N"/("m")^2, but not "N/m^2".

p.s. The reason I want to do this is that I am writing a function that will copy quantities to excel. After copying units are not displaying correctly

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possible duplicate of Is there a way to display units in short label? –  eldo Sep 21 at 0:34
@eldo Haha, I asked that quation. No, its not the same. Displaying units in short label does not return a units in String. –  Yituo Sep 21 at 0:45

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stringUnits =  Module[{qf = QuantityForm[QuantityUnit[#], "Abbreviation"], boxes},
  boxes = Cases[ToBoxes[qf], StyleBox[RowBox[{x___}], sty_] :> x];
  StringJoin[ boxes /. x_String :> ToExpression[x] /. Null -> " "  /. 
       SuperscriptBox[a_, b_] :> StringJoin[ToString@a, "^", ToString@b]]] &;

stringUnits @ Quantity["Newton/Meters^2"]
(* "N / m^2" *)
(* String *)

stringUnits @ Quantity[1.84, ("Meters*Pascals/Farads^2")]
(* "m Pa / F^2" *)
(* String *)

Works in Version 10 and 9.

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StringQ[%] gives False? –  Yituo Sep 21 at 0:16
@kguler (1) This question is a duplicate of mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/60248/… which you answered one hour ago and (2) it doesn't export to Excel. (3) Let me, therefore, post my own deficient answer :) –  eldo Sep 21 at 0:27
@kguler I am very sorry. Thanks for your effort ! ++1 –  eldo Sep 21 at 1:54
@eldo, i too thought this was an almost-duplicate and would be really easy till i saw Yituo's edit:) –  kguler Sep 21 at 1:59
I'm not so sure this question is worth the effort that has gone into solving it. :) –  RunnyKine Sep 21 at 2:56

The following works for V10. First we define some abbreviation rules:

rule = {"Newtons" :> N, "Meters" :> m, "Pascals" :> Pa, "Farads" :> F}; (* add more rules here *)


unit = TextString[QuantityUnit[Quantity[1, "Newtons/Meters^2"]] /. rule]


TextString[QuantityUnit[Quantity[1, "Meters*Pascals/Farads^2"]] /. rule]
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+1 however note that if e.g. m has a value this will fail. –  Mr.Wizard Sep 21 at 7:15
@Mr.Wizard. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll have to think about that. –  RunnyKine Sep 21 at 7:45
Thanks, this will work for specific cases.I guess it will work for my purpose for now, but may need to give it more thougths when a general solution is needed –  Yituo Sep 21 at 15:57

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