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Is it possible to have ListPolarPlot start plotting at the vertical axis? By Default ListPolarPlot gives this result:

ListPolarPlot[Reverse[Range[20]], PolarAxes -> True, 
 PolarTicks -> {"Degrees", Automatic}]

enter image description here

But I want it to look like this (rotated with Rotate[%,1/2pi]: enter image description here

Just rotating the graphic probably is the easiest way, but adding ticks and legends is a crime... I am hoping for a way to simply set the starting angle.

Specifying angles at each data point and adding 1/2pi does not solve my problem because the angles in the PolarAxes would be off.

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Make rotate transform like this. And change some options of ListPolarPlot. I modified the PolarTicks option.

rotatePolar[a_List] := Module[{l = Length[a]},
  Table[{2 Pi*(i - 1)/l + Pi/2, a[[i]]}, {i, l}]

ListPolarPlot[rotatePolar[Reverse[Range[20]]], PolarAxes -> True,
 PolarAxesOrigin -> {Pi/2, 20},
 PolarTicks -> {Drop[
    Table[{i, Mod[i - 90 Degree, 360 Degree]}, {i, 0, 360 Degree, 
      15 Degree}], -1], Automatic}

enter image description here

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Ah, the trick with the PolarTicks is very clever! :) Thanks a lot. – Aart Goossens Aug 27 '14 at 19:14

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