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Ok, I think this problem is more close to philosophy. :P

I've some idea now. But I'm not sure whether it's correct. For the purpose of convenience, I will use some C-like code instead of MMA's.

A While loop is something like:

i=0; // some initialize of variable i
While(test of variable i)   // such like i<10 or i^3<90, etc.
   // involving doing something which has nothing to do with i (e.g. Print["*"])
   // or involving taking i as an argument of another function, such like Sin[i]
   // or involving re-assign some value to i, such like i=i+7
Print[i] // after doing such evaluations, we want to get the final value of i

The first and second line surrounded in while is not really a problem for NestWhile. It is just because NestWhile is NestWhile[f,expr,test], one can write (Print["*"];Sin[#]+1&) in the place of f, doing the same thing you want when you're dealing with While.

However, when you want to re-assign expr in NestWhile, No, you cannot. i=0;NestWhile[#=#+1&,i,#<70&] is not what you want. (The i is immediately change into 0 before you would want to do i=i+1)

And just because of this simple difference between While and NestWhile, I doubt that EVERY While-code can change into NestWhile-code.

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In my experience, While is very easy to compile, but NestWhile is not. – Mark McClure Aug 9 '14 at 17:02

Taking the question at face value, I think the answer is yes. A While loop

While[test, body]

evaluates test then body until test fails to give True. This can be implemented in NestWhile by putting test and body into Functions:

NestWhile[body &, Null, test &]

For example the following both do the same thing:

i = 0; While[i < 10, i++];
i = 0; NestWhile[(i++) &, Null, (i < 10) &];

I don't think this is what you are after though. In the question you describe a restricted subset of While loops in which body consists of "doing stuff with some variable i" and test consists of "a function of i". The question, I think, is whether such While loops can be converted to NestWhile with the variable i used as the expr (i.e. second argument) in NestList.

As you pointed out, this is not easily done. Here is a possible approach using Hold to prevent unwanted evaluations:

i = 0;
NestWhile[((Increment @@ #); #) &, Hold[i], ReleaseHold[#] < 10 &]

This is pretty horrible. Not only do we have to jump through hoops to evaluate i++ without prematurely evaluating i, the iterated function now takes Hold[i] as input and returns the same Hold[i] as output. The whole principle of functional iteration has been murdered just to allow us to (awkwardly) manipulate the global symbol i as a side effect.

In summary the answer is yes, you can change every usage of While into NestWhile, but you shouldn't. NestWhile's purpose is to implement functional iteration - don't think of it as a special case of While, think of it as a special case of Nest.

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