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I am working on an example from a book (An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica). The following code is in the book:

terms=1+Accumulate[2. Table[1/(1+(2 n)ˆ2),{n,1,500}]]; 
n={ 50,100,200,500} ;
exact=π/2. Coth[π/2.];
pd=100. (exact-p)/exact;
TableForm[{ { n,p,pd} } ,TableHeadings->{ None,{ "N","s",
"% diff"}}]

The output is supposed to look like this:

N s %diff

50 1.70279 0.578059

100 1.70771 0.290481

200 1.71019 0.145605

500 1.71169 0.058329

But I do not get this output. The columns for p and pd are not evaluated, rather in the output I get long many series. I cannot see why this is happening. This is a confounding problem for me as I am trying to learn the platform.

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The problem is that you may have copied the input directly from the book so your caret (power sign) was not what it was meant to be. Type the input yourself and it will work fine. –  RunnyKine Aug 8 '14 at 2:50

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There is a problem with the entry for terms. Retype the entry and it will work properly as below.

terms = 1 + Accumulate[2. Table[1/(1 + (2 n)^2), {n, 1, 500}]];

n = {50, 100, 200, 500};

p = terms[[n]];

exact = \[Pi]/2. Coth[\[Pi]/2.];

pd = 100. (exact - p)/exact;

TableForm[{{n, p, pd}}, TableHeadings -> {None, {"N", "s", "% diff"}}]

enter image description here

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Awesome thanks! I'll have to be careful about this kind of stuff in the future. –  prometheus Aug 8 '14 at 3:53

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