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I want to build a table of InverseFunctions, f.e.:

Table[InverseFunction[Head[foo][#] &][x], {foo, {Sin[x], Log[x], Sqrt[x]}}]

{ArcSin[x], E^x, Power(-1)[x]}

I' m frustrated by the fact that Sqrt[x] evaluates to Power ... instead of x^2. As a temporary fix I have written:

Table[InverseFunction[(Head[foo] /. Power -> Sqrt)[#] &][x], {foo, {Sin[x], Log[x], Sqrt[x]}}] 

which gives the desired result:

{ArcSin[x], E^x, x^2}

I would like to find a more general and reliable way to prevent this kind of "Head-Substitution". I tried many things with HoldForm etc., but to no avail.

Thanks for your ideas

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This is cosely related: Inverting a function in a certain region – Artes Aug 6 '14 at 10:43
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If you use ToString, make sure you specify InputForm (compare ToString[1/x] v.s. ToString[1/x, InputForm]).

Why not something like this?

pureify[f_, x_] := Function @@ {f /. x -> #}

Table[InverseFunction[pureify[foo, x]][x], {foo, {Sin[x], Log[x], Sqrt[x]}}]

(* {ArcSin[x], E^x, x^2} *)
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Magnificent and exactly what I was hoping for :) – eldo Aug 6 '14 at 18:12

Thanks to @hieron suggestion to start with the "pure" heads I found this solution:

GetHeads[fun_] := ToExpression@First@StringSplit[ToString[fun], "["]

f = GetHeads /@ {Sin[x], Log[x], Sqrt[x]}

{Sin, Log, Sqrt}

Table[InverseFunction[foo[#] &][x], {foo, f}]

{ArcSin[x], E^x, x^2}

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Without "Head-Substitution", you may achieve it:

inv = InverseFunction /@ {Sin, Log, Sqrt}
x // inv // Through


{ArcSin[x], E^x, x^2}


Yes, to get rid of the arguments I just wanted to suggest you

inv = InverseFunction /@ 
  ToExpression /@ (StringTake[#, {1, -4}] & /@ToString /@ {Sin[x], Log[x], Sqrt[x]})
x // inv // Through

But I was not so happy with StringTake, you got the more general way finally

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