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Bug introduced in 10.0.0

In version 10 using this Front End option no longer gives useful output:

SetOptions[$FrontEnd, EvaluationCompletionAction->"ShowTiming"]

In version 7 the time to evaluate and render would be printed in the window frame (status area) of the Notebook. In version 10 even a long evaluation prints a small value. I can briefly see a larger number flash before it is overwritten by a small value.

  1. Why is the useful timing being overwritten by an apparently meaningless one?

  2. Is there a way to restore the old timing behavior? I am quite attached to this functionality.

As an example, evaluating this I can see a momentary flash of "Time: 3.xx seconds" before it is replaced with e.g. "Time: 0.06 seconds":

Plot[{BesselJ[1, x], BesselJ[2, x]}, {x, 0, 10},
 PlotPoints -> 1*^5, 
 Filling -> {1 -> {2}}
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I was told weeks ago that this was reported –  Rojo Jul 31 at 4:39
@Rojo So it is a confirmed bug? I'll mark it as such. Was any solution provided? –  Mr.Wizard Jul 31 at 4:42
No solutions provided but I got the impression that it will be fixed soon –  Rojo Jul 31 at 5:20
@Rojo This bug fix did not make it into 10.0.1. –  Mr.Wizard Sep 17 at 13:55
Oh, thanks of the c%#ppy heads up. I still don't have 10.0.1 –  Rojo Sep 17 at 23:02

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