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Is there any input for ColorFunction, which ranges from Black for smallest values, goes through red-orange-yellow and ends in very bright yellow almost white for the highest values of the ListDensityPlot?

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So you can either pick one here:

{#, ColorData@#} & /@ ColorData["Gradients"] // Short

enter image description here

or create your own with Hue:

col = Function[Blend[{Black, Hue@.05, Hue@.15, White}, Slot[1]]]

or by naming the colours you want:

col1 = Function[Blend[{Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, White}, Slot[1]]]

ListDensityPlot[Table[1/(x^2 + y^2), {x, -2, 2, 4/51}, {y, -2, 2, 4/51}], 
  ColorFunction -> #]& /@ {col, col1}

Mathematica graphics

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Look at some candiates:

  Show[ColorData[#, "Image"], ImageSize -> 110] & /@ (cd = 
     ColorData["Gradients"]), 4, 4, 1, {}], Spacings -> .5]

enter image description here

Number 47 looks interesting...

ColorData[%, "Image"]

(* SunsetColors *)

enter image description here

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