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I have several equations with many variables, and here and there I would like to do a variable substitution. For example, in the equation:

a (b + 42 c / d)

I might want to remap variables a * b --> p and a * c / d --> q in order to get:

p + 42 q 

Can Mathematica do this? I tried to play with the With[] and Rule[] function and the like, but that doesn't seem to produce anything. I can imagine that Mathematica is not capable of doing such a thing, but I thought it would be worth asking.

And the pro question: And then very much related to this: is there a way to use With[] not to set a single variable but to set variable relations, e.g. the sum or product of two variables. So that this:

With[{a * b = 5},  a (b + 42 c / d)] (* This doesn't work*)

would reduce to:

5 + 42 a * c / d
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rules = {a b -> p, a c / d -> q}
Expand[a (b + 42 c/d)] /. rules
(*p + 42  q*)
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