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I am more used to typing then using the mouse. I was wondering if there were hotkeys for the drop down list and the info button?

What I mean is what I have marked in the picture below.

Array drop down Array drop down

When I type open square bracket it appears, and I can press the down arrow to get the list. But I can't make it reappear without deleting characters, and I don't know how to trigger the information button.

Can anyone point me to how to do this?

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To open the help page just place the cursor somewhere within the function name and press F1.
To get the template list use the following shortcut Ctrl+Shift+k.
More keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

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Thanks for that. OSX that appears to map to Fn+F1 and Cmd+Shift+k . – Simon O'Doherty Jul 22 '14 at 10:34

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