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Im playing around with CountryData and I want to pass it 2 lists as argument, listCountries = {...} and data = {"GDP","ExternalDebt"}

If I do CountryData[#, "GDP"]& /@ listCountries it works well, but I want something like

CountryData[#1, #2]& /@ {listCountries,data}

I read something about MapThread but can make it.

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Just did, it take the first 2 elements of the first list as input of #1 and #2 – Kafkarudo Jul 20 '14 at 21:55
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Consider these two lists:

listCountries = {
data = {

There are two cases: you want the GDP, population and area of each country in the first list. The most elegant solution I can think of is Outer:

Outer[CountryData, listCountries, data]

enter image description here

The other is that you want the GDP of Bangladesh, the Population of India and the area of Monaco; this can be achieved by either

CountryData @@ # & /@ Thread@{listCountries, data}

enter image description here


MapThread[CountryData, {listCountries, data}]
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Yes!, that would do. That was more than awesome, I love this forum and how you people gave answers by teaching.Thank you guys! – Kafkarudo Jul 20 '14 at 22:30
@Öskå hey, thanks! – acl Jul 20 '14 at 22:35

Would this work for you? Using Map twice feels like the most intuitive approach to me.

listCountries = {"United States", "Mexico", "Canada"};
data = {"GDP", "ExternalDebt"};
Function[{country}, CountryData[country, #] & /@ data] /@ listCountries

Mathematica graphics

If you want to display the country next to its data, just modify your Function to include that information.

listCountries = {"United States", "Mexico", "Canada"};
data = {"GDP", "ExternalDebt"};
Function[{country}, Prepend[CountryData[country, #] & /@ data, 
   country]] /@ listCountries

Mathematica graphics

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You can do Outer[{#1, CountryData[#1, #2]} &, listCountries, data] for the second bit. Outer is very flexible and well worth understanding. – acl Jul 21 '14 at 11:48
@acl Great tip! Thank you. – seismatica Jul 22 '14 at 3:56

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