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Note: Fixed in version 10.0.2. Bug present in version 10.0.0.

In the official Mathematica version 10.0, I get a very weird behavior when I try to rotate a 3d graphics

enter image description here

The moment I click on the graphics to drag it, it seems like it zooms the whole graphics for a fraction of a second. I'm here on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit with Gnome 3.4.2 and an NVidia GeForce GTX 590 with NVidia driver.

I have reported this to Wolfram, but do others experience this and is there any known solution to the problem?

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That looks distracting. Does RotationAction -> "Fit" or RotationAction -> "Clip" have any effect on this behavior? – Mr.Wizard Jul 20 '14 at 2:28
@Mr.Wizard Nope. Exactly the same flicker. Btw, per suggestion of Olek I updated the NVidia driver to the newest version. Still the same behavior. – halirutan Jul 20 '14 at 8:19
"do others experience this?" I've been using Mathematica 10 on Fedora 20 (64-bit) with Gnome 3.10 and an nVidia GeForce GTX 480 with nVidia drivers and I have not seen this problem. – Rahul Jul 20 '14 at 9:42
All I can add is that I see no flickering in v10.0 on CentOS 7.0, but I have Intel graphics: so I'd suggest logging into KDE, XFCE or whatever and see if Gnome is at fault. I plan on testing v10.0 on my nVidia 780 Gnome desktop soon... – cjpembo Aug 18 '14 at 23:40
I'm seeing this on nvidia graphics, although there's only one flicker before the rotation starts, and then it works normally. – Ruslan Feb 21 '15 at 6:36

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