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A Dataset seems perfect to represent structured data.

Has anyone already thought about how to convert as efficiently/elegantly as possible an XML or JSON file to a Dataset in Mathematica 10 ?

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An example of converting XML to a dataset can be found here. –  WReach Aug 31 at 14:17

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To convert JSON to Dataset we can use GeneralUtilities`ToAsssociations as was first mentioned by rm-rf here.

Example using the Stackexchange API (the ten most up voted posts, questions and answers, on this site):

json = Import["http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/posts?pagesize=10&order=desc&sort=votes&site=mathematica&filter=!LH22RQM95veNmsOfuhD0xa", "JSON"]
dataset = Dataset[ToAssociations@json]["items"]

enter image description here

For the record, doing it without ToAssociation isn't that hard either:

Dataset[Map[Association, "items" /. json]]
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