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I can't make RegionDifference work for two Rectangle:

Ω = 
 RegionDifference[Rectangle[{0, 0}, {10, 10}], 
  Rectangle[{4, 4}, {8, 8}]];

enter image description here

What's wrong? It only worked for me if I specify the second Rectangle to touch the edges.

Windows 8.1, Wolfram Mathematica 10.

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windows 7, V 10.0 : !Mathematica graphics –  Nasser Jul 19 at 8:34
@Nasser Strange... –  m0nhawk Jul 19 at 8:36
@Nasser And is this reproducable after restart? –  m0nhawk Jul 19 at 8:47
yes. I just stopped local kernel and started again. still works here. –  Nasser Jul 19 at 8:52
@Nasser Ok... Thanks for information. Looks like it's something with my installation... –  m0nhawk Jul 19 at 8:54

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