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Using math 9.0.1 on a MacBook Air, I see a sudden increase of Timing by a factor of thousands when I sum over 250 elements of a matrix rather than over 249. So for instance, this table contains sums from 1 to 249 and it takes 0.0002s

Clear[vec, time];
vec = Table[i, {i, 100}, {j, 100}, {k, 300}];
time = Timing[
Table[Sum[vec[[i, j, k]], {k, 1, 249}], {i, 1}, {j, 1}]][[1]]; time

while if I go from 1 to 250

Clear[vec, time];
vec = Table[i, {i, 100}, {j, 100}, {k, 300}];
time = Timing[
Table[Sum[vec[[i, j, k]], {k, 1, 250}], {i, 1}, {j, 1}]][[1]]; time

it takes 1.4s. The huge increase occurs regardless of the content of vec, regardless of the upper limits of i,j, and it does not depend on whether I go from 1 to 250 or from 2 to 251, provided it's at least 250 entries. So if I sum from 2 to 250, it's back to 0.0002s. It depends instead on the size of vec (that is why I create a much larger matrix vec than actually needed in the sum). Can anybody reproduce this behavior? Any suggestion?

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This seems closely related. And setting the option @Karsten mentions does work. This looks like something to report to support. –  acl Jul 18 '14 at 16:35
@Karsten thanks, it works! A search of SumCompileLength on the Help->Documentation center returns no results, and CompileOptions returns useless (for me) information. –  user16397 Jul 18 '14 at 16:39
(note that the example I give in my answer to the other question doesn't demonstrate what you are seeing, but the solution is indeed to increase the option mentioned) –  acl Jul 18 '14 at 16:39
try "CompileOptions" /. SystemOptions[] or look at the way they're displayed in my answer to the other question –  acl Jul 18 '14 at 16:40
I can't believe that such a common operation like summing over more than 250 entries require tweaking the SetSystemOptions, which the manual recommend not to modify: –  user16397 Jul 18 '14 at 16:41

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The default SumCompileLength is 250.
You can increase this number for example to 500 using:

SetSystemOptions["CompileOptions" -> {"SumCompileLength" -> 500}]
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If you don't want to change the system options just to make Sum auto-compile, then you could instead replace Sum by Total:

Clear[vec, time];
vec = Table[i, {i, 100}, {j, 100}, {k, 300}];
time = Timing[
   Table[Total[vec[[i, j, 1 ;; 250]]], {i, 1}, {j, 1}]][[1]]; time

The resulting timing doesn't show any significant difference between 249 and 250, and is just as fast as your first example.

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This is almost always a good idea if what you want to do is a numerical sum. –  acl Jul 18 '14 at 20:29

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