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I have 3 lists of plots (generated in other code), rawplots, weightplots,linearizedplots.

Each list of plots is the same length, and I wanted to use Manipulate to access one plot at a time. I attempted to use the following:

Manipulate[plot[[n]], {plot, {rawplots, weightplots,linearizedplots}, PopupMenu}, {n, 1, Length@files, 1,RadioButtonBar}]

This works, but in the Popup Menu I have plots. I would like to instead have words in the popup menu.

Additionally, I have a variable files which is a list of filenames. Ideally, I would like to have the radio buttons named files[[n]], i.e. the file name from the variable files.


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Use value -> label in the list of values:

    {plot, {rawplots -> "foo", weightplots -> "bar", linearizedplots -> "baz"}, PopupMenu}
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