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Ideally, I'd like to change the mouse pointer appearance(s) at notebook level, from a styleseet. However, I'd be satisfied only by changing its color. This is the main issue keepeing me away from dark themes: the pointer becomes hard to find.

There seems to be an option "MousePointerAppearance" but I don't know how/if it works.

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where do you see this option? –  acl Jul 17 at 14:22
@acl in the option inspector under Editing options, v10 –  Rojo Jul 17 at 14:42
This almost gets there, but the mouse style resets if you click or move away from the notebook. FrontEndExecute[FrontEnd`SetMouseAppearance[Graphics@{Red, Text@"x"}]] –  mfvonh Jul 17 at 16:19
@mfvonh nice attempt –  Rojo Jul 17 at 16:55
Try singing a nice song –  belisarius Jul 18 at 0:29

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A little improvement according to mfvonh's idea:

SetOptions[InputNotebook[], Background -> GrayLevel[0]]
           NotebookEventActions -> {
                   "MouseClicked" :> 
                          FrontEndExecute[ FrontEnd`SetMouseAppearance[
                                     Dynamic@Style["\[Earth]", "Graphics", 30, Hue[Clock[]]]
                   PassEventsDown -> True

Sadly "MouseEntered" or "MouseOver" are both not working here.

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Nice idea Silvia, +1. However, the Graphics background seems to be non-transparent if I put the notebook background black –  Rojo Sep 23 at 23:34
@Rojo Try my new improvement please :) –  Silvia Sep 24 at 13:50
Nice icon, it feels like I am about to shoot at the code. It can be seen in any background :P (even in this SetOptions[InputNotebook[], Background -> Dynamic@Hue@Clock[]]). –  Rojo Sep 24 at 14:05

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