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I have no idea what is happening here. I'm using Mathematica 10.

I mistyped "FriendNetwork" as "FriendsNetwork" and got a weird result:

enter image description here

The option "FriendsNetwork" is not even listed in the help entry for the SocialMedia function.

How is that even possible? I rerun the query multiple times and it gave the same result. I checked my facebook feed and I don't see that image anywhere and I don't know of a friend who would have such a photo.

Can someone try this themselves and check the result?

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Hey, that's my child! No, just kidding. Weirdest bug ever. –  Cameron Murray Jul 17 at 0:38
@CameronMurray can you reproduce that? –  Space monkey Jul 17 at 0:38
Yep. I can reproduce. Same photo. –  Cameron Murray Jul 17 at 0:39
LMAO omg this is so funny! I got the same photo. –  seismatica Jul 17 at 0:42
"Hey, that's my child!" -- "can you reproduce that?" no, each child is like a snowflake... lol –  Mr.Wizard Jul 17 at 0:42

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enter image description here

The photo is the profile picture of the Facebook page facebook.com/FriendsNetwork. The same misunderstanding has been posted here before which is why I know about it but I can't find that post now.

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Haha, this is great! –  Chip Hurst Jul 17 at 3:14
Pickett, I deleted it :P –  Öskå Jul 17 at 8:45
@Öskå That explains it :) –  Pickett Jul 17 at 9:21
I see now. I didn't know I can type a username and it will fetch its profile photo –  Space monkey Jul 17 at 10:17
LOL, very funny! –  Robinaut Jul 23 at 9:57

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