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I have found that attempting to Save Selection As... in a magnified Notebook fails with errors.

On my system it can be easily reproduced by:

  1. opening any documentation page
  2. setting Notebook magnification to 150%
  3. making an arbitrary selection
  4. using Save Selection As... in the File menu
  5. attempting to save as a .PNG image

Errors produced in the Messages window:

The specified setting for the option WindowSize cannot be used.

During evaluation of In[15]:= Set::shape: Lists 
and {0} are not the same shape. >>

During evaluation of In[15]:= Image::imgarray: The specified argument
{} should be an array of rank 2 or 3 with machine-sized numbers. >>

I am running Mathematica under Windows 7.

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Partially confirmed on "10.0 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (June 29, 2014)", but only 3 times the message: The specified setting for the option WindowSize cannot be used. Have you seen link? Wild spelunking, but WindowSize and Magnification do not like each other? –  Lou Jul 16 at 18:12
Related, possible duplicate: (16539) –  Mr.Wizard Aug 11 at 19:42

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