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The following command executed on a Raspberry Pi equipped with a RaspiCam behaves differently depending on whether the command is run from the terminal (via wolfram) or a notebook (via mathematica):

<<"!raspistill -t 5 -k -o image.jpg"

In the terminal, the function behaves as expected: a preview window appears and raspistill maintains control until the user presses Enter twice. In the notebook interface, however, raspistill behaves as if it is receiving keypresses and eventually exits. It is possible to work around this issue to execute a terminal which calls raspistill, e.g.:

<<"!lxterminal -e \"raspistill -t 5 -k -o image.jpg\""

Does anyone know why the behavior of executing external commands would differ between the two flavors (?) of Mathematica, or how I might go about debugging this issue further?

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Note to self: useful ref – bobthechemist May 28 '15 at 16:20

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