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I want some high-quality 2D graphics produced by Mathematica in my paper.

My step-by-step operation as follows:

First I make the plot, for example,

Plot[x^3 + 2 x + 3, {x, -2, 3}]

Then I

  1. click the right mouse button
  2. copy the figure
  3. paste in my Word document

However, I discover that Word renders my graphic jaggedly.

So my question is: how can I extract a graphic from my notebook and transfer it to Word preserving full Mathematica quality?

enter image description here

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Works fine under OSX10.9.4, MaMaV10 and Word2011V14.4.3. Try ctrl v or/and Paste as "Picture" or Paste as "PDF". Same behavior? Then check this link. Alternatively you can use "Save Selection As" and choose an appropriate format for exporting/importing. –  Lou Jul 13 at 3:42
select the graphics, go to file>save selection as. Change Files of type from PDF to any image format (I suggest PNG for better resolution) and save the picture. Now import (copy the picture file and paste in word), and I hope you will get a better resolution. –  Sumit Jul 13 at 10:51
Here's a thread with a similar issue: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/43378/… –  Gregory Rut Jul 13 at 15:39

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