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I need to trace the moving of an object and get the coordinates of such movement. The set of coordinates will be used for the subsequent evaluation and analysis. I can easy get the current real-time coordinates by use of the following expression:

Dynamic[ImageKeypoints[EdgeDetect[CurrentImage[], 30], "PixelPosition"]]

But I need to record all these coordinates in the list in the separate cell or in separate file. I need that this list contains an cumulative set of all coordinates, frame by frame.

Please, suggest how to resolve this issue.

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@rojo "PixelPosition" is an argument of ImageKeypoints. One bracket was misplaced and was easily corrected. – Sjoerd C. de Vries May 11 '12 at 19:44

File Output

Use an output stream.

s = OpenWrite["your_filename"];

Dynamic[With[{a = ImageKeypoints[EdgeDetect[CurrentImage[], 30], "PixelPosition"]}, 
  Write[s, a]; a], Deinitialization :> Close[s]]

It will close the stream upon the deletion of the dynamic cell. It is not a bad idea to put time stamp with it.

Dynamic[With[{a = ImageKeypoints[EdgeDetect[CurrentImage[], 30], "PixelPosition"]}, 
      Write[s, AbsoluteTime[] -> a]; a], Deinitialization :> Close[s]]

Notebook Output

Use NotebookWrite.

Dynamic[With[{a = ImageKeypoints[EdgeDetect[CurrentImage[], 30], "PixelPosition"]}, 
  NotebookWrite[nb, Cell[RawBoxes[ToBoxes[a]]]]; a],
  Initialization :> (nb = CreateDocument[, WindowTitle -> "PixelPosition"])]

Appending to List

Already answered by Mr. Sjoerd C. de Vries...

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pixpos = {};
  a = EdgeDetect[CurrentImage[], 30]; 
  b = ImageKeypoints[a, "PixelPosition"]; 
  AppendTo[pixpos, b]; 

enter image description here

Let it run for some time then delete the graphic to stop the Dynamic and plot them to show we indeed collected the results:

Graphics@Table[{Hue[Random[]], Line[i]}, {i, pixpos}]

enter image description here

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