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When I use the form Export["file", list, "Table"] to export a list to Excel, I get columns of lists. I want my Excel sheet to have each list element in a separate column.

For example,

Export["file.xls", {{2, 5}, {5, 7}}, "Table"]

Gives the output


I want those lists above to be split up. How do I do this?

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Flatten will get rid of the nesting and will give you one column. Not sure how to transpose it. Export["file.xls", Flatten@{{2, 5}, {5, 7}}, "Table"] – brama Jul 8 '14 at 21:17
There appears to be some confusion about the format of the desired output. Please provide a sample. – brama Jul 8 '14 at 22:27

Correct it to be:


or more explicitly


"Table" is a generic Table-Format, suitable for a simple Text-Editor, not specially dedicated to Excel

When you leave away the 3rd argument, then the default value is "XLS", and Excel will import it without additional Import-Dialog.

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tab = {{2, 5}, {5, 7}};
tab2 = List /@ # & /@ tab  (* or tab2 = Map[List,tab,{-1}] *)
(*  {{{2},{5}},{{5},{7}}} *)
Export["fileA.xls", tab2]

enter image description here

enter image description here

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