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I am wondering if there is a way to pass parameter values during the NDSolve'Reinitialize step of the NDSolve process? I've read that one way to possibly speed up repeated calls to NDSolve is to Process the equations once, and then use NDSolve'Reinitialize to update the initial conditions. In the ODE example below, the initial conditions will never change, instead I am searching for the rate parameters ka and kb that minimize a scoring function. How could I use NDSolve'Reinitialize to pass different values of those parameters, and more efficiently search for the optimal parameter sets?


a = .1;
kb = .01;

decay = First[

     A'[t] == -ka*A[t],
    B'[t] == ka*A[t] - kb*B[t],
    c'[t] == kb*B[t],
    A[0] == 35.,
    B[0] == 0.,
    c[0] == 0.
   {A, B, c},
   Method -> "Automatic"]]
NDSolve`Iterate[decay, 200]

sol = NDSolve`ProcessSolutions[decay]

  {A[t], B[t], c[t]} /. sol,
  {t, 0, 200}
 PlotStyle -> {Red, Blue, Green}]
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