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This will be a simple question. Sometimes it is helpful to control the size of content displayed while having a scroll bar so content is not truncated. Is it possible to have a scroll bar attached to Panel[], Column[], Grid[] or Row[] element? So that I can at least specify a maximum width/height beyond which a scroll bar will appear.


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Pane[] has an Scrollbars option –  belisarius Jul 5 '14 at 3:10

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EDIT: I decided this was simple enough a question that this should have more controls to make it an answer and not a comment.

Manipulate[Pane[Grid[Partition[ConstantArray[1, {elems}], cols, cols, 1, ""], 
Frame -> All], {200, 100}, Scrollbars -> {horizScroll, vertScroll}],
{{elems, 5, "Elements"}, 5, 100, 1},
{{cols, 4, "Columns"}, 4, 20, 1},
{{horizScroll, True, "Horiztonal Scroll"}, {True, False}},
{{vertScroll, True, "Vertical Scroll"}, {True, False}}]
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