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I have a piece of code which looks like this:


    <code here>


so basically a Table which I parallelize. Each element of this parallelized table being itself a Table which I want to monitor.

I receive this error message:

FrontEndObject::notavail: A front end is not available; certain operations require a front end.

This error originates from the Monitor[]. I suspect that because my first Table is parallelized, somehow the dynamic cell into which Monitor[] will write to is not connected to any Front End or something...

How would I solve this issue?

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What happened when you started a front end? –  Oleksandr R. Jul 3 at 10:49
from help, it says: generates a monitor cell that shows the continually updated current value...In a notebook, the monitor cell normally appears directly after the cell in which Monitor[expr,mon] is evaluated so clearly Monitor requires a frontend. Can't be used in script/batch. –  Nasser Jul 3 at 11:28
@OleksandrR. Can you start a front end for each parallel kernel and use Monitor? –  acl Jul 3 at 11:46
In case it is not clear, I have a Front End running for my master kernel. How would I start a Front End for each child kernels ? –  coussin Jul 3 at 13:22
Or rather, each child kernels should use the Front End used by my master kernel... –  coussin Jul 3 at 13:33

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