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I just discovered something rather odd while using chemical curated data in Mathematica. I tried to extract EdgeRules for some molecules and some molecules gave me several copies of said EdgeRules as a list. Is this a bug? Have any of you found similar things happening with other curated data?


ChemicalData[#, "EdgeRules"] & /@ {"Glutamine", "Alanine", "Serine"}

This input gives me 1, 3 and 2 copies of the EdgeRules of the given molecules.

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It is good that you have found the answer to your question, but you should remove it from the question and make it an answer. Answering one's own question is not only allowed, it is encouraged. – m_goldberg Jun 28 '14 at 12:53
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I found the problem. Mathematica interprets the input string as a list of all available molecules that contain the input string as a substring.

{"DAlanine", "DLAlanine", "LAlanine"}
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