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as a newbie to Mathematica I wonder if someone can help...

I'm generating a puzzle worksheet for some students and wish to add linear rational expressions, three at a time from a pool of six.

a) -1/(2x+1)

b) -3/(x-1)

c) 2/(3x+2)

d) 2/(x-1)

e) -3/(2x+1)

f) -1/(3x+2)

I want to be able to swiftly add (a) + (b) + (d) for example, or (b) + (d) + (f)

Can I store the expressions and add them as I have done here. I've not had much success so far. I'd like to have a worksheet which I could tweak expressions a - f without then having to manually copy & paste endlessly into arithmetic expressions.

I'm then combining them with

ExpandNumerator@Together[%] ExpandDenominator[%] // TraditionalForm

And will give the output to the student for Partial Fraction Decomposition.

Thanks Rob

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-(1/(-1 + x)) - 1/(1 + 2 x)
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Thanks. I'd been missing the semi-colon! –  Saxobob Jun 24 '14 at 23:13

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