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I am trying to solve the following PDE:

-D[c2*p[c1, c2, w], c1] + 
  D[((2*Um/L)*c2 + ((Um/L)^2)*c1)*p[c1, c2, w], 
   c2] + (1/2)*(\[Sigma]^2)*(Um/(L*Pi))*D[p[c1, c2, w], {c2, 2}] - 
  D[(c2*(1 - 2*Sqrt[3]) - c1*(Sqrt[3]*Um/L))*p[c1, c2, w], 
   w] + (3/2)*(\[Sigma]^2)*(L/(Um*Pi))*D[p[c1, c2, w], {w, 2}] == 0

for p[c1, c2, w]. I also have the following values for the constants:

Um = 4.315;
\[Sigma] = 1;
L = 50;

However, if I can get the solution of this PDE in terms of Um,\[Sigma],L then I would prefer this. I tried DSolve but to no avail.

I will solve for the constants using appropriate initial and boundary conditions later. Can someone please help.

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