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I have a simple For[] loop:

For[rPos = 0, rPos<=(2 N[Pi]), rPos += radiusInc,
    zPotential = 0;
    xPos = rDistance Cos[rPos];
    yPos = rDistance Sin[rPos];
    zPos = planeDepth;
    AppendTo[zField, {xPos,yPos, zPos, zPotential}];     

The only line of the body that is executed is:

zPotential = 0;

At the end, zField has zero items.

If I set a breakpoint on the second or third line it never hit.

I know that For[] and Do[] loops are discouraged, but I do not see the cause of this problem.

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I post this to just illustrate alternative to For loop:

rDistance = 5.4;
radiusInc = Pi/20.;
zField = rDistance {Cos[#], Sin[#], 0} & /@ Range[0, 2 Pi, Pi/20];

enter image description here

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Interesting alternative! Is the performance better than the For[] loop? –  Doug Kimzey Jun 18 '14 at 19:34
@user1585715 Yes. –  Michael E2 Aug 17 '14 at 12:05

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