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FE`ExecuteInDynamicModule::noval: Symbol FE`DynamicModuleVariableList$67 does not have a value. >>

I'm just posting the error for the moment as this is a problem that occurs in a largeish Manipulate that is being designed for a cdf document. It is wrapped in a Dynamic module which defines a number of symbols, including several functions. The context is this: I'm using SaveDefinitions -> True but it seems all definitions are not correctly saved once the kernel has gone. If I evaluate my Manipulate with the kernel running, the resulting interface runs correctly. If I copy it into a fresh document and save it as a separate cdf document, this document does not run properly in the CDF viewer. Now if I quit the kernel in the original document I see the same incorrect behaviour as in the cdf.

The strategy I came up with was to move all the definitions outside the Manipulate into the initialization section or into the list of module variables so that I could stop using SaveDefinitions -> True. But as these sections get larger, I begin to get errors such as the above. If I can find a way of avoiding these, my strategy might work.

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DynamicModuleVariableList seems to be set automatically by the front end when it sets up a DynamicModule instance. (The 67 at the end is the serial number of your DynamicModule.) I don't know how the setup could be avoided or how the variable could be Unset or cleared (Clear, ClearAll). –  Michael E2 Jun 10 '14 at 12:00

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