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I'm having a problem setting the working directory. I want to do some computation and save my data at one location (D), but in the code below you can see that mathematica shifts automatically to a different location (C). How to use D partition for calculating if mathematica is installed on C?

When I run the code shown below, the file is saved on D but first it is saved on C and on C I don't have enough space.

  In[7]:= ResetDirectory[] 


  In[8]:= DirectoryStack[]

  Out[8]= {}

  In[10]:= SetDirectory["D:\\"]

  Out[10]= "D:\\"


  Export["A.wdx", A];

  In[13]:= DirectoryStack[] 

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What is the value of $TemporaryDirectory? – celtschk May 2 '12 at 21:34
Can you change SetDirectory["D:\\"] to SetDirectory[$TemporaryDirectory] and rerun the whole program? – qazwsx May 2 '12 at 21:43
As reality check, have a look if and where "A.wdx" is in fact saved...? – Yves Klett May 3 '12 at 9:43

The Documentation page for ResetDirectory says under "MORE INFORMATION" field:

Successive calls to ResetDirectory yield earlier and earlier current directories.

ResetDirectory uses the directory stack given by DirectoryStack[].

ResetDirectory removes the last element from the directory stack, and makes the second-to-last element current.

And the page for DirectoryStack[] says:

Each call to SetDirectory prepends one element to the directory stack; each call to ResetDirectory drops one.

So it is not surprizing that DirectoryStack[] initially is a blank list. The call to SetDirectory adds to this list one element: previous working directory. To get the current working directory you should evaluate Directory[].

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The exact code (I also happen to have a D partition:) runs fine on my computer (Win7, mma 8). The file is created in D:\, just the output of DirectoryStack is misleading. I don't really know, why it doesn't include D:\

You can check your current working directory using Directoy.


(* ==> "E:\\Projekti\\MD\\SCRIPTS\\mathematica\\FitSpectra" *)


(* ==> {"C:\\Users\\ajasja\\Documents"} *)


(* ==> "D:\\" *)

A := 5;

Export["A.wdx", A];


==> {"E:\\Projekti\\MD\\SCRIPTS\\mathematica\\FitSpectra", \


(* ==> "D:\\" *)
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