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nm = "start";

d1 := 
    TextCell["Enter a name: "],
    InputField[Dynamic[nm], String],
    DefaultButton[DialogReturn[ret = nm]]}}]];

CreateDialog[TabView[{"dlg1" -> d1, "dlg2" -> d1}], WindowTitle -> "tt"];

In Mathematica initially the edit box will show Start. After exiting the dialog both variables, ret and nm, will have value that was entered in the box. In Player Pro the initial value of nm is not shown in the edit box and the entered value is not assigned to the variables. What is the reason for that and how to pass values in and out of the dialog in Player Pro or better how to make the code exhibit the same behaviour? Both Mathematica and Player Pro are v9. I believe the player in previous versions behaved like Mathematica.

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And what version of Mathematica do you use ? –  Sektor Jun 7 '14 at 16:17

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