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I need to use four functions of $x$

DD11 = @(x) x+0*x;
DD12 = @(x) x^2+0*x;
DD21 = @(x) cos(x)+0*x;
DD22 = @(x) 1+0*x;

and since they all represent the same physical quantity, and also for the sake of convenience, I would like to define in a matrix form:

DD = @x [x x^2; cos(x) 1];

If I do this, how will I recall the different elements at a given point later on?

For example, the syntax DD[1,2](0) or DD(0)[1,2] don't work... Thanks!

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You might try

dd[x_] := {{x, x^2}, {Cos[x], 1}}
dd[2] // MatrixForm


You can extract components with the syntax

dd[2][[2, 1]]
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