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I have some picture like the one seen below. Now, I'm trying to create some tooltip with some descriptions when moving with the mouse over a body part e.g. "this is the head", "This is the left arm" asf. My first idea how to do this is to create a transparent graphic object overlay it with the specific body part (which maybe is not the easiest way)

But three questions arise:

  1. How to create more complex forms like the shape of the legs,arms in an easy way?

  2. How to align/overlay these forms exactly to the areas (e.g. upper arm, lower arm, legs) shown in this picture? I somehow need to set the beginning and the end of the area I want (e.g. red dots in picture) and then create those complex forms which exactly fit to the body part.

  3. How to assign a tooltip to those overlaid forms?

(For clarity: It's not about the body picture, but more about creating complex forms in an easy way. The picture is only the example which gave rise to the question)

enter image description here

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I seem to recall a similar question posted long ago, perhaps answered by Heike. –  Mr.Wizard Jun 6 at 12:01
Vaguely related, but not the one I was thinking of: (2524). I think perhaps I was remembering this, which is probably much more relevant: (9405) –  Mr.Wizard Jun 6 at 12:03
If you already "cut" the body parts with different colors it should make things easier I think. –  Öskå Jun 6 at 12:18
Then PixelValuePositions might help. –  Öskå Jun 6 at 12:39
Interesting, but broad - could you specify how you want to generate the shapes and add some sample data? –  Yves Klett Jun 23 at 6:21
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